Today's menu

Come and visit us for the dish of the day at Salome Hotel where our chef is always preparing a tasty dish to make your day.

Contemporary, charming and chic new-look "Tia" restaurant. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily. This is a place to indulge yourself where service is founded on instinctive hospitality.


Daily Lunch5.500
Grilled Chicken served with Soup,fries & salad8.500
Sheesh Kabab served with Soup , fries & salad8.000
Beef Burger served with Soup , fries & salad7.000
Chicken Scallop served with Soup , fries & salad7.500
Beef Burger with Cheese served with fries3.500
Chicken Burger served with fries3.500
Hommos 1.000
Arabic salad1.500
Sandwishes (Hommos -.....1.500

Soft Drinks

Turkish coffee1.000
Meneral water1.000
American Coffee1.000
Cola , sprite , fanta 1.000
Orange juice1.500

Hard drinks

Amstel Beer4.000
1 L Arak18.00
½ L Arak9.000
1 L Wine15.00
½ L Wine9.000

All prices in JD.
Tax is not included.

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